Take the X-Booster with you on May Day!

Take the X-Booster with you on May Day!

Preparations for the long weekend are underway! May is the best time to go to the seaside, the mountains, abroad or to the first festivals or endless parties or barbecues at friends' houses on the plot. Don't forget to stock up on X-Booster in the midst of packing, because you will need the extra boost of energy throughout the long weekend!


Energy on the road for the long May weekend

Whether you're the driver or passenger, long-lasting energy on the road comes in handy for everyone. We know how tiring it is to reach for an energy can or a coffee in a paper cup from the station, from which the entire contents can spill out and damage your car upholstery, your clothes and, most importantly, your good mood. 

Are you already stressed at the thought? Don't be, because it can easily be avoided! X-Booster energy pouches will provide energy on the road for longer, thanks to a combination of caffeine and taurine, without the sugar crash and risk of spilling coffee or energiser on yourself.

Energy turbocharging at May festival

Have you ever seen someone with a cup of coffee at a festival? Neither have we. And don't be the first to do so! If you want to stay fit and in shape for as long as possible, then take a box of X-Booster with you. 

This is an alternative form of caffeine delivery and great taste. One pouch of X-Booster contains 20 mg of caffeine, which will improve concentration and recharge you with a quick boost. Just in time for the break between gigs on stage.

Remember, 20 energy pouches equals 6 cups of coffee or 5 energy drinks!

Power for a May barbecue with friends

May Day is the time when long-postponed get-togethers with friends and endless cloud parties rule. Energy pouches can be your dream 'plus one' at any party. Whether you'll be chilling on the allotment or at a barbecue at a friend's house, you can discreetly give yourself an energy boost using the X-Booster. 

As a result, you won't miss a moment of the party/grill of a lifetime as you keep up the pace and enjoy every moment! This is a good option, especially when the energy starts to drop and the night is still young.

Stock up on energy for a sporty May Day

The long May weekend is conducive to any sporting activity that can be done outdoors. If you too are preparing for a triathlon, going for a bike rally or canoeing with friends, don't let your strength desert you.

X-Booster is a great companion for every athlete - it can be stored in a small pocket, bicycle pannier or kidney bag. It won't take up a lot of space, but it will come to the rescue when you feel a drop in energy.

How to use the X-Booster energy pouches?

Open the packet and take out the energy pouch, place it between your gum and upper lip. You don't need to chew or swallow, just keep it there for up to 30 minutes. The energy will be released gradually, giving you strength for the next May Day craziness! 

Did we mention that we have a whole range of fantastic flavours? Check out what we offer in our shop and choose your favourite X-Booster flavour!

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