X-Booster App - Collect coins and receive rewards!

X-Booster App - Collect coins and receive rewards!

Have you ever wondered how to get attractive discount codes for our energy pouches? If so, this article was created just for you. Meet the X-Booster App - a state-of-the-art mobile app that opens the door to many benefits, including just discount codes.

What is the X-Booster App?

The X-Booster App is a mobile application that uses augmented reality (AR) technology, thus combining the real and virtual worlds. Its main purpose is to collect virtual coins that appear in the user's environment. These coins can be exchanged by the user for valuable rewards, including discount codes for the x-booster.energy online shop.

How does the X-Booster App work?

The app uses the location of your mobile phone, so it is important to ensure that the location function is enabled. However, it is worth noting that the X-Booster App only uses location data to track virtual coins and does not store it for purposes other than the operation of the app itself.

Augmented reality (AR) in the X-Booster App

Thanks to the AR technology in the X-Booster App, users can see virtual coins in the real world using their smartphone's camera. It is through AR that X-Booster's coins appear in the user's environment, encouraging interaction and collection.

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What the X-Booster App can do

The main element of the application is a map that shows points with virtual coins to collect. With the 'Quick Select' feature, the user can quickly find the nearest point with coins. In addition, the app offers an internal prize shop, a player's wallet to track coins collected and spent, and a ranking to track the progress of other players.

Type of challenge in the X-Booster App

Within the application, you will encounter two types of challenges:

The "Visit the site" challenge

This task involves finding a specific point in your area where there are virtual coins to collect. The map shows various potential destinations where you can find coins. However, you need to act quickly, as someone else may get there earlier and collect the coin. When you arrive at your chosen destination, you activate the camera mode in the app, which allows you to see your destination in augmented reality.

The "FOMO" challenge

This challenge can be met by the user without even leaving home. The app will ask him not to use his phone for an hour, which it will meticulously count. If he or she breaks before this time, however, the timer will be reset to zero and he or she will have to start his or her attempt all over again.

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Gain experience

You earn experience points for taking on challenges, ranking first and many other actions. The more points you earn, the higher level you will reach. You will receive additional coins for each new level.

Statistics, achievements and settings

In the app, users can track their achievements, distance covered, EXP points earned and view the collection of stickers collected. In addition, notification settings and marketing consents can be customised according to selected preferences.

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