X-Booster - Partner Clout Festival 2.0

X-Booster - Partner Clout Festival 2.0

The Clout 2.0 Festival has already gained huge popularity after its first edition, especially among Generation Z. The name 'CLOUT' refers to a term commonly used in internet culture and social media, symbolising a person's power, influence and popularity. This event combines elements of fashion, music, street culture and pop culture, highlighting creativity and individuality. X-Booster was proud to partner with the Clout 2.0 festival, providing participants with an extra dose of energy and an unforgettable experience.

stars of festival claut 2.0

Celebrities at the Clout 2.0 Festival

The festival stage was throbbing not only with music and trap sounds, but also with the powerful energy of star performances that won the hearts of festival goers. The list of performers included such artists as LIL UZI VERT, YEAT, JID, NLE CHOPPA, LIL GNAR, THOUXANBANFAUNI, SUMMER ALONE, KODAK BLACK, KANKAN, SHECK WES, $NOT, LIL SKIES, JELEEL, EEM TRIPLIN, COI LERAY, RAE SREMMURD. Their performances made the second edition of the festival a striking event.

Freestyle in the X-Booster VIP zone

As part of the Clout 2.0 festival, attendees also had the opportunity to watch a freestyle football show in the X-Booster VIP zone, which added to the atmosphere of the event. One of the main attractions was Dawid Ziomek, one of the most experienced and original performers in the world (read more about Dawid here), who, dressed in a huge caffeine pouch costume (yes, you read that correctly, and you absolutely must see it!) showed his incredible skills. His displays were downright impossible to perform, the ball he juggled was giving the impression of levitation. Anyone who had the opportunity to admire David and his performances in the X-Booster zone was probably enthralled.

The VIP zone also featured a number of recognisable guests who created remarkable moments together with X-Booster, including a 360-degree photo booth. This partnership created a strong connection between the energy of the music world and the unique experience offered by X-Booster.

To see more unforgettable moments from the Clout 2.0 festival, please visit our social media profiles! There you will find unique content and coverage of the event that will transport you back into the atmosphere of this extraordinary festival.


@xbooster.energy [English below] Clout 2.0 z X-Booster to zupełnie nowa jakość! 🎉🔥 Cieszymy się, że jako partner mogliśmy być jego częścią.💪💥 Dostarczyliśmy Wam naprawdę x-tra energii płynącej z woreczków energetycznych X-Booster! 🚀💃 Strefa VIP była naszą oazą relaksu, gdzie czuliśmy się jak królowie i królowe muzyki 🎶👑 Fotobudka 360 była absolutnym hitem w naszej strefie VIP! 😎📸 Czy są tu szczęśliwcy, którzy nagrali wideo? Nie krępujcie się, podzielcie się swoimi dziełami w komentarzach! 🎥👇 📸❤️ ___ Clout 2.0 with X-Booster is a whole new quality 🎉🔥 We are glad that as a partner we could be a part of it.💪💥 We provided you with really x-tra energy flowing from X-Booster energy pouches! 🚀💃 The VIP area was our oasis of relaxation where we felt like kings and queens of music 🎶👑 The 360 photo booth was an absolute hit in our VIP area! 😎📸 Are there any lucky people here who took a video? Don't be shy, share your creations in the comments! 🎥👇 📸❤️ #77 #nicotinepouches #usewhereveryouwant #nicotnie #tobaccofree #whitesnus #wakacje #chill #energia #festival #festiwal #music #muzyka #clout #wspomnienia #memories #balltricks #VIP ♬ dźwięk oryginalny - X-Booster
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