X-Booster - A product made for gamers

X-Booster - A product made for gamers

What are X-Booster energy pouches anyway?

X-Booster energy pouches are new to the market, offering a fast and effective source of energy for active and demanding people. The innovative method of delivering caffeine, via application to the gum, provides an immediate feeling of stimulation wherever you are. The simplicity of application makes them an ideal option for those who need an immediate boost of energy during a busy day.

The X-Booster caffeine pouches hide a powerful source of energy, encapsulated in discreet and easy-to-store sachets. Their blend of caffeine and taurine stimulates energy levels and concentration, providing quick support in the most challenging situations. In addition, the variety of flavours, from classic energy drinks through delicate notes of caramel coffee to refreshing mint, which means there is something for everyone. The pouches are free of added sugar and their easy application ensures rapid absorption of the ingredients by the body.

Baner przedstawiający opakowanie woreczków energetycznych X-Booster na targach PGA

X-Booster vs coffee and energy drinks

Long-term energy

X-Booster energy pouches provide long-lasting energy thanks to an effective blend of ingredients such as caffeine, taurine and vitamin C. Unlike coffee, the effects of which can be short-lived, X-Booster provides stable energy levels over a longer period of time.

✅ Free of calories and sugar

X-Booster pouches are low in calories and contain no sugar, so you can enjoy energy without burdening your body with excess calories often found in traditional energy drinks or coffee with sugar.

X-Booster pouches are small, discreet and easy to store. They can be tucked into a pocket or a bag, making them ideal for active, travelling or busy lifestyle.

✅ Precise dosage of ingredients

X-Booster pouches contain a precisely measured dose of active ingredients, meaning you can control the amount of caffeine and other substances you consume, which is more difficult with coffee or bottled energy drinks.

✅ Flavour variants and diversity

X-Booster offers a wide range of flavours and variants, so there is something for everyone, regardless of taste preference.

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Why do gamers choose the X-Booster?

✅ No need to interrupt the game

X-Booster energy pouches, with their convenient form and quick application, do not require any interruptions in the game. The player can easily apply the pouch while playing without wasting valuable time to prepare the drink. The player remains focused on the game.

✅ Hands free at all times

Unlike coffee or traditional energy drinks in bottles or cans, X-Booster pouches do not occupy the hands during use. The player applies the pouch before the game, from which the energy is released gradually throughout the session. This makes them ideal for players who need freedom of movement during gameplay.

✅ A precise dose of energy

X-Booster caffeine pouches provide a precisely measured dose of energy, meaning players can control their intake and avoid the over-stimulation or hand tremors that can sometimes occur after consuming excess dosage of caffeine from traditional energy drinks or coffee.

✅ No risk of spillage

Unlike coffee or energy drinks in bottles or cans, which can easily spill, X-Booster sachets are convenient and safe to use. There is no risk of the drink spilling on your keyboard, mouse or other accessories, which could lead to interruptions in a gameplay, or worse, damage to your equipment during play.

✅ Wide choice of flavours

X-Booster offers a wide range of flavours, allowing players to find their favourite flavour, which can further enhance the gaming experience, adding extra pleasure and satisfaction.


X-Booster energy pouches are the first choice for players for several reasons. Their innovative method of delivering energy through application to the gum provides an instant boost without requiring players to stop playing. The pouches are easy to store and hands-free, allowing players to maintain freedom of movement during gameplay. In addition, a precise dose of caffeine and taurine and a variety of flavours make them ideal for providing energy and focus during long gaming sessions.

Energy pouches or coffee?

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